Monday, November 10, 2008


Every year the stores decide Christmas should begin earlier. I admit that in most cases, I am against the sneaking up of the holiday season. In one case I am not against it. This case is eggnog, which I believe should be sold year-round.
Here are my top ten suggestions of what you should start doing with eggnog (in no particular order).

1.) If you can't handle brandy: Eggnog + amaretto. Hot or cold.
2.) Less butter than you would think in a Paula Dean recipe: Substitute eggnog for the milk in this bread pudding.
3.) CUPACAKES: Replace water in vanilla box cake mix with eggnog. Add extra cinnamon and nutmeg. Frost with cinnamon cream cheese icing.
4.) I would cut out the raisins: Eggnog Scones.
5.) If you luft breakfast: Replace milk in your french toast recipe with eggnog.
6.) Fraunce dessert: Eggnog creme brulee.
7.) If you luft breakfast pt. 2: Replace milk or water in your pancake recipe with eggnog. Serve with eggnog.
8.) The idea of which causes actual physical tastebud pain: Eggnog. Fudge.
9.) The South isn't all that bad: Eggnog pound cake with rum.
10.) Also works with coffee: Eggnog + chai tea mix. Hot or cold.

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Carolyn said...

Not as fancy, but I'm thrilled the mint M&M's are back. $2 worth of heaven.