Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide, Pt. I

10 Under $20

Elf Cosmetics, $1 and up from Eyes, Lips, Face. Cosmetics can be stupidly expensive. Everything at ELF is only a dollar, so you can easily afford to make the makeup mistakes you know you will.

Fuzzy Snowballs, $2-$4 from CB2. These fluffy fake snowballs in various sizes are perfect for piling into a bowl or vase for instant holidayness.
8.) Marc Jacobs Headquarters Banadana, $8 from Marc by Marc Jacobs One of the many low-priced treats sold at Marc by Marc stores. Who says you can't have nice things?

7.) Mechanical Paper Crafts, $7 from Kikkerland. This elaborate moving paper craft kit finally gives you something to do on Christmas Day! Personally, we like the sheep one.

6.) Letterpress Mats, $15 from YeeHaw Industries. Gorgeous letterpress swirls and loops dress up the plainest postcard or the most elaborate photograph. Plus, you get three for $15.

5.) Science Notebook, $10 from Three Potato Four. Get this for all your science friends so they can write down all their sciency notes and get their advanced degrees (in science).

4.) Subscription to Domino Magazine, $10 from Conde Nast. Recipes and nesting tips and decor items and clothes and generally 12 months of leisurly entertainment.

3.) Titanium Kitchen Shears, $14 from Williams Sonoma. You need good kitchen scissors, and how can they get any better than a pair COATED IN TITANIUM?

2.) Martha Stewart Recipe Box, $15 from Macy's. Old school recipe box is an adorable gift, extra points for filling it up with your favorite family recipes.

1.) Earl Grey Tea Macarons, $19 from Paulette. Buttercream filled chewy sandwich cookies make the perfect gift. And let's be honest, you aren't going to try and bake these yourself.

Coming Wednesday... 10 under $75

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