Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide, Pt. III

10 under $200

10.) Whatnot Muppet, $90 from FAO Schwartz. Finally, you can design your own muppet! This new program lets you choose all the features and costumes for your very own muppet, which you will never do anything with.

9.) Edible Gold Flakes, $90 from L'Epicerie. Gold flakes can be thrown into martinis. They can be scattered on appetizers or entrees or cupcakes. Top some handmade truffles. They make everything not just look expensive, but actually be expensive.

8.) Kobe Beef Steaks, $100 from Allen Brothers. Your boyfriend likes steak. He also likes grilling. Kobe beef is delicious. Extra bonus: you might get a night off from cooking dinner.

7.) Photographer's Task Table Lamp, $100 from Pottery Barn. Old-school movie light inspired lamps looks totally modern as an end table or on a desk.

6.) Jelly Gummy Lights, $125 from Sprout Home. These are meant for children, but who's room wouldn't brighten up with a giant glowing lamp in the shape (and feel) of a gummy bear candy?

5.) Tea and Toast Robe, $130 from Anthropologie. This darling terrycloth robe is covered in ruffles, and includes a cosy hood to snuggle up in. Plus, it comes in grey.

4.) Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q. Clutch, $140 from Shopbop. Adorable buttery leather clutch bag from the Dr. Q. collection is seriously on sale from Shopbop. Plus, with Shopbop there's no sales tax and free shipping- unless you live in Wisconsin.

3.) Whistlejacket Painting, $150 from Global Wholesale Art. An oil painting of everyone's favorite horse, since you can't get a life-sized reproduction for less than $200 (believe me, I have tried.)

2.) Le Creuset Round French Oven, $175 from Amazon. You need this for cooking things. Fancy things. Brasing things. You want this in Dune. Dune is the best color.
1.) Puppybear, Market Price from Various Locations. The best gift you can give is that of a puppy. Personally, I'm partial to aussiedoodles. They are loving, do not shed, like to eat bumblebees (and TV closed captions) and look like little black bears with funny ears. Everyone loves a puppybear!

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Maggie said...

I'll take the puppybear please.