Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kirs and Co.

When you are in France, and it is that time of day for a drink before dinner, the drink that you have is a Kir. Kirs are previously covered here. You can have a Kir Royale, too, with champange- but somehow those never seemed to stick around long enough for picture taking. This was my first Kir, pictured above, and the delcious salty meat that was brought out along with it. Not peanuts, not spicy crackers- slices of delicious sausagy meat.

Sometimes you don't get a snack with your late afternoon kir, so you have to provide for yourself. In my case, this one was accompanied by ├ęclairs from Stohlers. Long, thin, and filled with chocolate cream- it was delicious, but also the only ├ęclair I managed to wolf down on the trip (too busy eating marshmallows and chocolates and tiny creme brules and crepes). Yum.

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Dcan said...

I'm just passing through, found my way here reading PW comments. I was in Paris for a few days last year and I'll have to say the best thing about the place are the eclairs. That one looks so good I want to jump on a plane right now. Enjoy!