Monday, September 14, 2009

Pierre Herme, Pt. 2

More gratuitous, food porn shots of my macarons from Pierre Herme. Gossip Girl premier is on tonight, so more European delights tomorrow.

So bright. So pretty. So filled with creams and ganache.

What is that? Oh, that is the Lavender macaron. It's covered in shimmering pearl luster dust. It was delicious.

I'm taking these on the street in Paris. People are walking by, wondering what's going on. I don't care. How about a close-up?

Mint macaron. French manicure. This one was deemed too herb-y.


Look at the coloring on the purple cassis macaron. Gorgeous. Almost black. Yum.

The yellow is passion fruit and I did not like it, but to each their own.

This is the olive oil one. I may have eaten half of it. Bonus tip- this color green is supposed to be in for nail polish this year. You are welcome.

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1 comment:

Thao Phan said...

As I'm looking at your photos... I'm eating the ones I made last night YUMMY!!!!!! I wish I ate more when I was in Paris!