Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Think of it as an investment.

You might not think you'd ever really need a cupcake carrier, and tell yourself, "I hardly ever make cupcakes, anyway." But the next time that you do make them, you'll find that you have no way of getting them to the party you made them for, other than an old box or a cookie sheet that is awkward to carry and makes no promise to leave you with anything other than a crumby, sticky-sweet mess.

Not to mention that you'll have to cover them with plastic wrap, and the frosting will be sqooshed, and all of the cupcakes will touch at the edges and ruin the perfect swirl of frosting on top- god forbid you were foolish enough to think you could use two different colors of icing- and there could be serious sprinkle cross-contamination.

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Maggie said...

Is this a dream item? Or are you false blogging to your readers again..?

Jennifer said...

We've been told lies in the past?