Friday, April 15, 2011

DIY Wedding Cake, take 1

Last night I attempted my first test run for the 4-tier cake I plan on tackling in July. For a wedding. Where I will be Maid of Honor. OK!

This is an 8" white chocolate, filled with raspberry jam and lemon curd, and frosted with swiss vanilla buttercream. It would be the third tier. Not bad.

Things I learned:

1.) Turntable. ZOMG. Do you have a turntable? You need one. Frosting goes on perfectly. Spin, spin, spin. Don't move your hand at all!

2.) Cardboard rounds. Perfectly flush, to the edge frosting. Easily pick up cake and put it wherever you want. I am never baking anything ever again without cardboard rounds.

3.) Straight edge pans. Do you have a set of those cheap, 8" or 9" standard pans that have a sloped edge, because the bottom is 8" but they go out to 9" and your cake is all wonky? Yes you do. Get straight edge, aluminum pans. You are welcome.

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Wesley Buckwalter said...

check you out!

Denise said...

I don't think you're gonna need my help...

Becca said...

I'll need help with keeping me full of gin and with making batch after batch of buttercream. I think. Maybe.

M said...

Way to go Bec!
It looks better than 99% of the crap Buddy Valastro features on Cake Boss. I'm going to go ahead and put in an order for a 3 foot animatronic pony cake!

XOXO Brogz

Denise said...

Damn, Brogs, you just ruined the surprise for your bachlorette!