Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Measuring Cups, Bowls, Lack of Self-Control

This morning when I got an email for 25% off at Macys.com (coupon code: MACYSFF), I thought, "Oh, maybe I can use this for good and not evil?" and then ten minutes later almost bought a $250 countertop convection oven.

Then this afternoon I remembered that I need new measuring cups, because I have been snapping the handles off of mine for the past 27 years, and have gone through the following: 1 stainless steel set, 1 heart-shaped red set, 1 white plastic set, 1 pink plastic set, 1 blue plastic set, and 1 Kitchen Aid set. The only things I have that measure and I haven't destroyed are my Mario Batali Measuring Prep Bowl set in creme, which I love but they are not good for scooping.

I decided that I probably wouldn't break the All-Clad set, but $50 for measuring cups? So I found these Anolon ones that don't have handles so I can't snap them off. Also they come in grey, the best color for kitchen things to come in, after cream (creme). And then Macy's suggested I might like to buy this set of Martha Stewart Bowls:
So I did. I can serve things out of these, and my chips bowl situation is kind of sad right now.

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