Monday, March 28, 2011

OMFG, OMG is Back

Hello nobody that reads my blog. I am going to bake a giant wedding cake, so I am back and will be blogging about it. Because people LOVE reading about silly 20-somethings who decide they are able to bake wedding cakes on their own.

See above? That is the liquors that are going in the cake. They need to age for 3 months. There is homemade limoncello, and homemade raspberry liquor, and earl grey creme infused gin. Recipes and details coming soon. (Like how do you make the best limoncello? Hint: LIMES).



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Rachel McKinney said...

Ain't no party like a limoncello party!!

heather said...

Somehow discovered your blog while you were away...and am glad you are back! Love reading about your travels and recipes!