Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nice Things from France You Can Have*, Pt. I

*If you can find them, and also they are still reasonably expensive.

This post incorporates so many wonderful things that I'm not exactly sure where to start- the Parisian Beekeeping, the Paris Opera House, Honey. It also reminds me of the recently departed 'Pushing Daisies' which also featured rooftop urban beekeeping.

Since the mid 1900s, Paris has been a hotspot for urban beekeeping. The Beekeeping School (Rucher Ecole) in the Luxembourg Gardens teaches apiculture to the cities many rooftop beekeepers. Honey and honey products can be found at Les Abeilles.

One of the cities most famous beekeepers is Jean Paucton, who tends to the hives he started on top of the Paris Opera House. He sells the honey at the Opéra de Paris gift shop, and at the gourmet store Fauchon when in season.

NYT article on Paucton's Opera beekeeping can be found here.
NYT article on the bee epidemic and it's impact on Parisian beekeeping can be found here.

I am buying so much honey in Paris.

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