Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breakfast Salad

Last night I had breakfast salad. Apparently, it is traditionally called "Salad Lyonnaise" (Lyonnaise is French for "Breakfast"). I am now devoting my life to perfecting this salad. Things you need to make it: poached egg, bacon, frisse, cold potatoes, dijon vinaigrette.

PS- I lied. Lyonnaise is French for "place in France that likes breakfast."

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Matt said...

I miss the good ol' days, when this blog used to be about real things.

Anonymous said...

I have started checking your bog as regularly as I check

Derek said...

I've been thinking about this salad all day. I want it so bad. :( I never would have thought you could make a salad even more unhealthy than a Cobb!

Jennifer said...

I found a pillar in Lyon with Google Maps. It was not eating one of these salads.