Thursday, February 4, 2010

Opera Cake

Usually I don't really like coffee flavored desserts. Almost ever pastry I made in class was coffee flavored. Now I love coffee flavored things. Like this Opera Cake. You've got 3 layers of Joconde (almond sponge cake) soaked in coffee syrup. You've got coffee flavored buttercream. You've got a layer of chocolate ganache. You've got the thin, perfect chocolate glaze. And on the bottom you've got a coat of dark chocolate. Delicious, even if it does take three days to make.

Opera Cake was supposedly invented by the Patisserie Dalloyau.

For those that want to try it, there's a recipe here. Also, you'll want to get a sheet of acetate to keep the top perfectly smooth and build the cake upside down.

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