Monday, December 8, 2008

Red velvet EVERYTHING!

Yesterday while finishing up Christmas shopping, I saw Philosophy's Red Velvet Cake Shampoo. Most of their products are ho-hum scents you can get at the dollar store, but I'd never seen red velvet cake scent. It was perfect- slight chocolate and buttermilk and sweet, sweet, delectable cake.Now, I've got red velvet cake on my mind, and I have to whip up some Christmas cookies for this weekends festivities. So, cookies + red velvet= red velvet cake cookies. They weren't on my list, (clothespin cookies, TKOs, vanilla macarons) but I think I will whip up a batch. I found various recipes, but I'm going to go with Paul Deen on this one (cookies are sammiched with cream cheese icing and rolled in crushed pecans).

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