Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner Pt. IV

What's the only thing better than dinner with a poached egg on it? A huge cheese ravioli with a runny egg yolk cooked right into the middle of it, covered with shaved truffles. The idea is, that cutting into the yolk mixes with the cheese, creating the oozy sauce needed for the pasta.

This will be the third dish at my dream dinner party. Martha's detailed instructions are here, but I would suggest just using your favorite simple ravioli recipe and just making a few adjustments for the yolk.

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Sean said...

i want to eat it as is.

topaz said...

tabla ravioli :: half 8 :: full 14
housemade pasta, chard, ricotta, poached egg, poppy seed butter

it is so delicious and i could eat it every day.